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By Justin Blancaflor

Fans who are waiting for the arrival of NBA 2K14 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, won’t have to wait any longer as the game has already arrived in the country and is available for purchase.

NBA 2K14 is being exclusively marketed by X-Play Online Games Inc., one of the country’s leading video game distributors, together with game publishing frontrunner 2K Sports and developed by Visual Concepts.

For many Filipino gamers, October has always meant one thing: the arrival of the next title in 2K Sports' beloved NBA 2K series. We love videogames, and we love the NBA; put the two together, and you've got something that we'd spend a night falling in line for. Although we probably don't have to, because stocks of the game are in no short supply.

This is in no small thanks to X-Play Online Games Inc., the country's official distributor of this year's 2K game, NBA 2K14. Today, October 1, at an event held at Bugsy's restaurant at The Fort, X-Play officially launched the much-awaited title to a crowd that couldn't wait to go home so they could skip the rest of the day, and just plop down on the couch and play.

We got ours too, so expect our own review in the coming days. As for every self-respecting FHM guy reading this article right now, you know what to do: go to the nearest video game shop and cop your own 2K14 (hint: it's the one with LeBron James on the cover!) 

2k14 is one of the country’s leading video game distributors, X-Play, launched the much-coveted NBA 2k14. X-Play launched the game with publishing frontrunner 2K Sports and developer company Visual Concepts.

Back-to-back NBA Chamption and the current King of Basketball, Lebron James, is the cover athlete on this latest addition of NBA 2K. This latest title will become officially available on October 4 for multiple platforms PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

During the event, an interview video was shown that showcased one of 2K’s top talents, Jerson Sapida. Jerson is a Filipino game producer who hailed from Cavite. He currently lives in California.

According to Ron Aquino, General Manager of X-Play, “Fans will literally and figuratively be on their toes when they navigate through this exciting and definitely exhilaratinggame.” “It’s going to be bigger and better for 2K14,” he added. #

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